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Friday, May 15, 2015

The genre of sports seems to be a genre that most people stray away from, this extends to the lack of sports anime put out there by the industry these days. Besides from Kuroko no Basket, there are other sports anime (not a lot) that I have watched and would like to share in this next list.

Due to the fact that there has not been many sports anime put out there, compared to the rest of the genres, this list of sport recommendations will be short. And unlike the other lists of anime I have created on this blog, this list will be separated by the type of sport rather than by alphabetical order.

Now although this list maybe short, I must say that the sports genre is a genre that I have watched and has never, to this date, been disappointed by the titles that I have watched so far. Unlike other genres of anime I have watched, they have been either a hit or a miss. However the sports genre in anime have ALWAYS been a hit for me and I throughly enjoyed every title I have watched so far. 

Some of these anime you will see in this list are very under-appreciated and seem to be shadowed by overhyped anime, resulting in not many people getting exposure to these titles. And as usual if you do not see an anime in this title that should be on this list, mention it in the comments section and I will either add it, if I have seen it, or I will add it to my backlog. Sorry for my longish monologue, I hope you enjoy this short list! 


Basketball Anime

Kuroko no Basket
Slam Dunk!

Boxing Anime

Hajime no Ippo

Karuta Anime


Ping Pong Anime

Ping Pong The Animation

Swimming Anime


Volleyball Anime


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