Assassination Classroom Review

Sunday, June 21, 2015

School can be a difficult phase for most people especially in today's age since there's a lack of educators that go above and beyond for their students. Within my 4 years of high school there was only one teacher who really strived to get his students to do the best they can by providing an endless amount of help (shoutout to my grade 12 chemistry teacher). With each episode of Assassination Classroom, the storylines reminds us that there are still good teachers out there; however since we're in the anime world of course there's a twist that Assassination Classroom uses in order to convey this message. 
The story of Assassination Classroom follows the students of class E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School as they attempt to assassinate their giant octopus-like teacher before they graduate. Yes you read that right, assassinate. Class E happens to be the lowest ranked class at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, and seems to get the stepsister treatment by all the other students including the instructors at the facility. On top of that, class E even has their own campus away from the main campus to separate them from the rest of the students! Everyone in class E has named their octopus-like teacher Koro Sensei, and is on a mission to assassinate him in order to obtain a large sum of money from the government. And if they don’t assassinate Koro Sensei by the time they graduate, Koro Sensei will destroy the Earth as he already destroyed a good chunk of the moon. 

I’m sure after reading that brief synopsis, you’re like, "this is really not for me." And you know what you might be right about that; this anime is not for everyone. The idea of attempting to murder your teachers is quite a turn off for some people but I promise you, Assassination Classroom is able to take that concept and transform it to something that’s pleasant to watch.

A good plus about this anime is its ability to develop a plot. At first when watching the first few episodes of Assassination Classroom I thought to myself, "oh no, this is going to be an episodic anime." I'm not one to enjoy episodic anime as much since I find it hard to get myself into it without a decent plot to follow. Long story short, Assassination Classroom is able to use the episodic format initially to introduce characters/ideas to eventually introduce various arcs/plots by the end of the anime. I have never seen this type of approach to introduce a developing plot, to say the least I was astounded that it worked well. 

The sound of this anime is not the greatest in my opinion. The opening and ending credits used for the first half and the other half of the anime sounded a bit childish to me; so not my cup of tea. The OST however was not that bad. I enjoyed a couple of the tracks while watching the anime, but nothing seemed to really make me want to download the entire sound track. Haritsume Ta Kuuki was probably the best/ my favourite out of the entire set. In terms of the animation, it was very well done. Nothing to complain here, you can get a good sense of how Assassination Classroom is animated by the GIFS I posted. 

With the premise of Assassination Classroom I assumed that the character development would probably (and it mostly did) stay static throughout the 22 episodes. Nothing too surprising since the concept was an action genre anime based mostly at school, not much you can do here. But just because the development of the characters remain static, the characters themselves make up for that since it's hard to find something to hate about any of the students from class E or the instructors that watch over them. Just going to touch briefly on everybody’s favourite character. 

And that’s Koro Sensei, the teacher we wished we all had! There’s not much I can find to dislike this guy. Although he’s out to destroy the Earth, you can’t deny from watching the anime that he cares for all of his students. He has a witty personality, which I like. He comes off as having a wicked sense of humour, which can be fun to watch at times. Since he has already destroyed most of the moon you can assume that he has a plethora of unique abilities. One being able to move at incredible speeds and express different stripes and colours depending on his mood. However there’s one problem that’s not addressed during the anime that I feel like most people want to know and that is what’s his objective and why does he want to destroy the Earth? At times during the anime it seems that those questions would be answered but unfortunately that doesn’t happen!

Overall, the anime was very well done. I enjoyed the way it took the episodic approach in order develop different arcs, I thought the cast was very lovely, and good humor throughout. I wished I would have written more about the other staple of characters in this review but there’s not much to say about the others since their objective is quite clear and there’s nothing much to comment about other than their personalities. All in all, great anime and it’s a good watch if you’re looking for something light-hearted.

And as usual, if you read up to here, thanks for reading! Leave your comments below and tell me what you thought about my review and your thoughts about this anime. Until next time!

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