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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I’ve always enjoyed lovely surprises, and that’s exactly what I got when I randomly decided to start the Kimi to Boku series. The story of the entire franchise is a bit daunting since the idea about a slice of life anime surrounding the life of five guys in high school can come off as boring to most people. To my surprise I found myself enjoying the anime, especially the second season, way more than I anticipated by the time the final episode aired. It’s been about three years since I finished the second season and I’m still waiting for a sequel! This review is applicable to both the first season and the second season.

I guess the most non-appealing factor to Kimi to Boku is its story. A story following the daily lives of a group of friends in high school is enough to turn people off. The charm really comes when each episode unravels and the comedy/magic of Kimi to Boku starts to sink in. The first season was full of comedic skits that everyone could relate to when you were with your "clique" in high school. Although Kimi to Boku sounds like fun and games (which it is), the second season however really dives into a more serious tone about life after high school during the final episodes– which is why I loved the second season of Kimi to Boku a lot more than the first. 

The circle of friends we follow in Kimi to Boku are: the mellow twins Yuuki Asaba and Yuuta Asaba, high energy Chizuru Tachibana, no time for BS Kaname Tsukahara and finally the shy Shun Matsuoka – they sound like a good description of your clique of friends in high school right? The one worth really talking about out of the bunch is Shun Matsuoka. He’s the one, during the final episodes of the second season that once he entered his senior year, ponders/worries about what to do in life after high school. What I liked about Shun is that he’s the most relatable one in terms of his mindset about thinking what’s going to happen in the future, whereas the others are more in the moment type of people. I finished the second season sometime during my last year of high school or first year of university and thought to myself, “jeez… I feel the same way… what am I going to do once I graduate?” It sucks that that’s how the second season ended with that thought bubble, and it sucks even more that there’s no third season since I want to know if Shun or any of them have it figured out!

Music and animation were not too shabby. Character designs were pretty solid, I liked how everyone looked and no one really bothered me in terms of this. I liked how they separated the twins by what they were wearing, unlike other anime with twins where they don't usually separate by the designs. Also liked the chibi aspect at times to amplify funny moments were a nice touch to make moments more hilarious. Music was very well done - I enjoyed all of the choices the producers chose as the OP and ED (which is really rare for me). Though the OST was charming as the anime, the OP and ED choices trumped the OST by far. Kimi to Boku to Banka by Yuu Sakai was the best out of the 4 songs J.C.Staff chose for OP and ED, cheers to them for great song choices!

Overall, to most people's eyes this is would be deemed as an "okay" anime, which I would agree for the most part. But in comparison to the first season, the second season of Kimi to Boku was by far better than the first and the second season is actually in my top 10s for my favourite anime of all time. If you want to reminisce about high school or watch an anime about the lives of a group of friends in school, than I'd recommend watching Kimi to Boku. And where on earth is this sequel going to come out?!

Anyways, thanks for reading. And if you have any thoughts you would like to share, please leave a comment down below!

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