Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo OVA Review

Saturday, August 01, 2015

My Yamada squad can rejoice and praise this amazing anime once again since LINDENFILMS has blessed us with more Yamada. Actually these OVAs aired the same time when the main series was airing, so I just wanted to review a section of the Yamada anime that not many people know about. 

It's funny how this OVA helped the reputation of what most Yamada fans deem the twelve episodes of the anime as a little too rushed or a few of the witches just came into the plot and disappeared the next moment at times. Thankfully the OVA did not rush it's small story and no character was used as fodder for the plot, including all of the witches. Though, as a tidbit, I do not understand the small portion of people who harbour hate for this anime... calm down! Don't take this anime too seriously haha.

The OVA for Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches is essentially about Yamada and his club members gathering more people for a performance at their school's club festival showing. In my eyes, the outline for the two episode OVAs isn't something special, it doesn't really add any depth or does anything to expand the plot (as most OVAs are) but it's nice to see that Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches went back to basics with it's fun, and humorous angle when the anime first started.

The artwork and music is feels like an extension of the original dozen episodes, nothing drastic or anything for that matter has changed in terms of this. Congrats to LINDENFILMS for putting the same amount of effort to the Yamada OVAs as they did to the original. 

In terms of characters there is a comparable difference between the OVAs and the main series. And that's the fact that no character was used in fodder in the OVA. In the main series we basically saw the witches a few of the witches come and go when Yamada was in search of revealing their identities; like Nao Takigawa, Maria Sarushima and Meiko Ootsuka virtually disappeared once they were done with. However in the OVAs, nobody was used as bait for the small arc - even Meiko's two minions played some sort of role!

However there's one piece of criticism that kind of made me laugh, for the wrong reason. For example during the Yamada OVA that weird kiss near the end when Yamada was talking to Daichi, they unknowingly kiss and they swapped bodies. And this doesn't apply to just this situation but also in a few of those weird kiss scenes throughout Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches. Its like some of these nonconsensual kisses are so bad that it's hilarious to watch, and within the whole franchise there's full of these accidental kisses. Like how can you be standing still in front of someone, out of no where trip over yourself and then on top of that, land a kiss the on the lips?! I don't know but I guess it just adds to the humour, which worked for me. 

Overall, if you're looking for thirsty for some more Yamada - these two episodes might do it for you. These two episodes are nothing to take too seriously as some people have with the original 12 episodes, just some good light-hearted fun with Yamada and his gang of friends. 

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