Prison School Review

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Ok so where do I start with this one? Well let's begin with the excitement many people had with the announcement that the manga would be getting an adaptation. As I rarely read manga the only piece of reference I had to judge Prison School from was the trailer. For me, I'll only watch an ecchi anime if the anime is not just purely ecchi and has other sub-genres. Anime that passed through this filter are anime like To LOVE- Ru, Zero no Tsukaima, Nazo no Kanojo X, High School of the Dead and a few others which I really enjoyed. So after watching the Prison School trailer I got very excited to see the anime, got a couple of laughs out of it and the characters, mainly Meiko, looked so ecchily over the top I just had to hop onto the hype train to watch this.

Let me begin by saying this anime is not for everyone. The comedy might come off as very distasteful for a lot of people since there is a lot of emphasis on sexual innuendoes and a flood of humour of that nature. I would say that it's an anime geared towards more so to men rather than to women mainly because of the childish and "improper" humour that surrounds Prison School which I feel like men would understand more than women. Anyways, the anime follows a group of boys trying to survive being constrained/ tortured in a school prison for "crimes" of lewd behaviour, the prison which happens to be under the supervision of the underground student council. That's basically it for the plot, don't expect any character development and whatnot since you're not going to get a serious story out of this anime.

Ok let's talk about the animation since I feel it's very necessary to do so for Prison School. Well it's not that necessary but seriously, when I think about the animation all I can think about is that Meiko doe... those oversized knockers, her unusual/ hilarious obedience to Kurihara (the underground student council president), and the juices that sprinkle out of her skin when she squats... that's all I have to say lol. Now there is an uncensored version of Prison School and a few uncensored episodes have been released so far - the remaining episodes to be released uncensored will be released in pairs throughout the following months. After watching one episode of the uncensored version, I'd recommend simply watching the censored version since the uncensored version is just... a bit hard to concentrate on.

I assume that the majority of Prison School fans were excited to see the anime being adapted was because of the comedy. It's hard to crunch the short lived series into a few words since each episode was so odd and outrageous in itself that it's sort of hard to describe in a few words. There wasn't really a moment of boredom since there's this cycle of experiencing the most hilarious moments in each episode and that humour tends to stay in your system and lingers around from scene to scene.

The comedy from Prison School is derived from sexual humour you tend to hear like when you have those intimate conversations with your close friends and things of that sort. If you've seen To LOVE- Ru and thought the sexual humour on that anime was out of this world, trust me... Prison School is in a world of it's own. The thing with comedy in any anime series I find is that the same repetitive gags tend to be recycled over and over again - not saying it's bad or unhumorous but it just get predictable. Prison School on the other hand is really something that has paved it's own lane in terms of it's comedy. Never once do the same comedic gags recycle themselves, which is something that I appreciated because each episode was a breath of fresh air, meaning the comedy was not predicable and thus made Prison School so much more enjoyable.

My favourite moment that I enjoyed in Prison School was arm wresting scene between Meiko and that oversized Humpty Dumpty (I forgot his name haha). That strand of hair on Humpty Dumpty's chest dangling in the air... was so weird and funny at the same time, I was like bruh......lmao. Anyways, Prison School ends on a high note and the boys seem to still seem to be all in one piece by the end of it. There are far more explicit and over the top scenes than that dangling strand of hair Prison School has to offer. Give the first episode a try and you'll see if you'll like it since you get the gist of the comedy really by the end of the first episode. Leave a comment down below and tell me your thoughts!

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