5 Problems With Sword Art Online II

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

I feel embarrassed to say this, but the first anime I finished in 2016 was SAO 2. I put the second season of Sword Art Online on hold for quite sometime now since I resented the first season and almost went braindead watching it. So why bother with Sword Art Online 2? I don't even know. All I know is that after watching the second season, I can't resent this franchise more than I already have. Maybe it's because I feel like I should always finish what I start, that I felt the need to watch the second season? Maybe that's it.  

Whatever the reason as to why I continued to watch, in my view, Sword Art Online is quite the polarizing anime. You have people on both sides of the spectrum, you either really love it or you really dread watching it- there's not really an in between with the SAO. I was one of those who dreaded watching it. Though I will say SAO 2 does have some good qualities to it like the OST, animation, how Shino squashed her resentment for what happened at the post office, and the last two episodes of the Mother's Rosario arc. 

Other than that I can't really list SAO as one of those "popular" series that's a must see. So logically instead of writing a review I decided to write a "5 problems with Sword Art Online II" post instead. I might be salty in this post so if you're a fan of SAO, please don't read this... haha. If you want to read why I didn't like SAO 2, enjoy the five issues I had with the second season of Sword Art Online!

5. Yui

In short, I could not stand this girl. Whenever I heard Yui say "mama" or "papa" I felt the need to roll my eyes. It's just like, really? Why...? And this season Kirito takes this girl to the hills by trying to assimilate her through real life cameras so that she could "experience" the real world. I can't with this girl.

4. It's too illogical

One of the biggest aspects SAO 2 suffers from is how illogical it seems to be. The first season is a lot more logic with the whole idea of being trapped in the game and the only way out is completing the game. That I could deal with and see reasonable. But for the GGO arc, if someone's trying to kill you through the game, I would think the logical thing to do is not play. The thought of having a killer in the game with their accomplices trying to find your body in real life attempting to kill you while you're mentally in the virtual world but physically unconscious, seems a bit ridiculous. The whole time I was thinking, "people lock their doors...right?"

3. Kirito's GGO form

I thought Kirito looked pretty amazing during the first and second arc of SAO. The Gun Gale Online arc was more than half the anime so you're going to have Kirito, the star of the anime, not look aesthetically pleasing? That's a no, no, no, no, no for me. Not that I hated how Kirito looked like in during the Gun Gale Online arc, but I would have preferred that he looked more "intriguing" rather than looking more androgynous. Shino looked absolutely amazing in her GGO form (I loved her green hair) and putting her against Kirito's GGO form was not the best comparison to look at. 

2. People in Japan don't really own guns

Virtually no one in Japan owns a gun. Sure you can get a gun license in Japan then go purchase one but virtually no one owns a gun in Japan. As someone who invests time learning about politics around the world, and knowing that a very small portion of the Japanese people own guns; things didn't really add up for me during that scene where Shino's bullies threatened her with a gun. I feel so evil since this point sounds so salty, haha!

1. It's way too serious

And the number one problem I had with the entire season of SAO II, this includes SAO, was the anime look itself way too seriously than it should have. Again, the first season I get it- your lives are in danger the virtual world equals the real world, so take it seriously. But for some reason that equation still holds true even during the second season. Like when everyone was playing ALO and doing their in game quests, people still seem to equate real word to the virtual world. For example, when Kirito and his gang went to do some random quest in ALO and during the quest they passed an NPC trapped behind icicles. Klein and his thirsty ass felt the need to free this chick up when he didn't need too. I'm just like bruuuh... it's an NPC... go home.

Well, so that's it for this post. I know that it came off like I absolutely hated this anime, but hey, they're my opinions. I don't hate SAO, I just find that the anime takes itself so seriously at times. Sure there were great moments in SAO that I enjoyed watching which include: bits of the first arc of SAO, the last two episodes of the Mother's Rosario arc, bits of the GGO arc and a few other aspects and moments in the first and second season. So I don't totally hate SAO, it's just that the bigger parts of the anime overshadow the stuff I enjoyed seeing. 

So please leave a comment down below if you agree or disagree with me and my points. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Sword Art Online II.

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  1. I can sorta of agree with you on some parts but.... in the anime the killers only went for people who had cheap locks, ones that they can easily do. So that's how they were able to break into people's houses :/

    1. Thanks for reading!
      Interesting... I did not know that. Even so it still doesn't make sense to me :)

  2. The gun was a replica borrowed from the bully's brother, not a real gun.

    1. Even so, what? It's a completely null argument to comment on people in Japan not having guns. It's a model, that's what.

      You came across so pretentiously with your "As someone who invests time learning about politics around the world..." yet it appears you didn't even watch the show at all. If you watched that episode, the airsoft gun in question is shot directly after the picture you used. If you knew anything about guns, you'd know that there wasn't a muzzle flash or a bullet shot out of it, because it produced barely enough force to push over a can.

      Don't "even so" commenters pointing out egregious flaws in your articles. It was such an erroneous point that it calls into question your critiques of the show as a whole. That single point and your immature response to its correction completely invalidate your criticisms of the anime, or any anime, at that, because you clearly don't watch them, or pay attention to them. Maybe you're too busy paying attention to politics...

  3. It makes sense but u know this thing iss nothing more than an anime and it somewhat felt that u exaggarated ur opinions (but with that being said ur opinion is urs) . I kinda hated Yui but she was important for the ALO arc to save Asuna and If Kirito hadn't acted as a girl then Sinon would probably never help him so kinda makes sense but still noticable plotholes. LOL



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