Five Reasons to Watch Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Riding off the coattails of my previous post, here's another quick "Five Reasons to Watch"-type of writeup; this time on Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen. The last time I watched the first season of Ao no Exorcist was back in high school, so the second season came out quite a while after that, and wrapped up not too long ago. Although Kyoto Fujouou-hen does have it's fair share of "issues," I'd rather focus on the positives of the sequel since they did outweigh the cons.

Heck, why don't I start of with a few negatives before I dive into the positives. Again, not too much with the negatives but I would have liked to see A-1 Pictures give a brief reminder in the first episode of what conspired in the first season since it has been four to five years prior to the second season airing. The driving force of the villains in Ao no Exorcist aren't that clear as well; I'm talking about Todo and that weasel known as Mephisto. I'm sure if Ao no Exorcist gets a third season, we will get more light shone on Todo and Mephisto and their objectives. Don't have much to complain other than those two points... now for the positives!

1. Witty Humor Everywhere

Ao no Exorcist has never really been that staunch hardcore action anime in my eyes, which is good since I'd probably be way more invested into this anime if it were just a pure action anime. I like how humor is sprinkled around in every episode, even during the most heavy parts of the anime, a good keke slips it's way into a scene to break the tension. This franchise never struck me as a pure action-packed anime like Attack on Titan, so an icebreaker here and there is good in my books.

2. Rin Okumura

My favourite character from Ao no Exorcist is Renzo Shima, he's shady and doesn't seem to give a care in this world unless pressured to. But unfortunately he's not the draw to the show, Rin is! Rin has all the characteristics that people swoon for, a mysterious past/ origin/ upbringing, those heroic jests, witty sense of humor, his short tempered mannerisms landing him in hot water, that thirst for Shiemi, drive to prove everyone wrong, etc.. Even I was captivated! Rin Okumura's a wild card, which makes for good anime.

3. The Humility

I don't want to get too deep because it's really not, but I liked watching the humility Okumura's friends were able to display after realizing the spawn of Satan isn't the monster the label sets him out to be. On the contrary, Rin's the same person loveable/ caring/ energetic person he was, prior to his friends found out who his father was. Quite a shocker that you and your actions define who you are, not the ties to your family! Ok enough with the sarcasm, haha.

4. Okumura Sibling Dichotomy

A little bit of sibling rivalry is good for the soul... right? Rin and Yukio's rivalry wasn't the highlight of the anime, but it's relatable and I couldn't help but relate to these two. It's a one-sided beef, I'm looking at you Yukio, between the two of them. We've all been there whether it's a sibling, friend, college, or whatever where you just have to give them the side eye and think, "child, really?" LOL.

5. Friendships Mending

The first season of Ao no Exorcist left a bittersweet taste in my mouth, where it looked as if the ties between Rin and his friends were severed. There's a good amount of development in Kyoto Fujouou-hen showing Rin reigniting those friendships that seemed to have vaporized. There's nothing better than watching people close the gaps in their relationships and becoming friends again! Unlike the first season, the second season left me with a more sweet taste in my mouth rather than a bitter one- mostly because of everyone getting back on good terms with Rin, emphasis on Konekomaru and Ryuji.

And that's it for this post, please leave a comment telling me your thoughts on Kyoto Fujouou-hen if you've already seen it! Did you like it better than the first season? Do you think there will be a season three? Let me know!

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