Ballroom e Youkoso – 5

Monday, August 14, 2017

Picking up from last episode, we're introduced to two new characters into the mix: Gaju Akagi and Mako Akagi. With Hyoudou out and resting, these two are spicing up the dynamic between the characters we've been introduced so far.

I can't determine whether I like either one of them or not at the moment. Gaju busting in and demanding Shizuku to be partners after Hyoudou's temporary resignation from dancing left a sour taste in my mouth - this is the part of him that I dislike, his arrogance and his keen eye for Shizuku. He seems to be the type that puts people on a hierarchical ladder, if you're below his level, he'll disregard you. However what I do like about Gaju is his sense of humor, when he's funny, he's really funny; like when he was poking fun at Tatara over his hair, waltz, etc..

We're also introduced to Mako, she's Gaju's sister and dance partner. She's a timid girl, and from the looks of it has to swallow her brother's ego whenever he fells like she's not dancing on his level. She reminds me a bit of Tatara, shy yet adamant at improving her dancing skills.

I felt sorry for Shizuku during this episode, when she was in discussions with Sengoku over Hyoudou hiding his injuries, feeling as though Sengoku is always protecting him and both of the men leaving her in the dark. So yes, Sengoku's plan was to restrict Hyoudou from dancing for six months when he swapped Tatara in during waltz. I feel bad for her, it looks she she's been an emotional punching bag for these two, and it's probably not the first time Hyoudou hid his injuries from her.

Which is why I didn't know how to feel when we found out that Gaju ditched his sister and now is pairing up with Shizuku. Yay, for Shizuku teaching a lesson to Sengoku and Hyoudou that she shouldn't be left in the dark. But girl really? Pairing up with Gaju...? I would have much preferred if she asked Tatara to pair up with her. Would have been a good fit to the story since Hyoudou asked Tatara to "take care of Shizuku." However, I didn't like that Gaju threw his sister away to pair up with Shizku. Reinforces the fact that he's egotistical and in over his head.

We find out that since Mako has been served her freedom papers, she wanted to pair up with Tatara. Which I'm cool with, both seem to have the same goals when it comes to dance and improving. The routine the two did at the end felt whimiscal, it looks like Sengoku found magic in a bottle with these two.

I'm excited to see how the newly formed pairings are going to evolve with the following episodes!

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