Ballroom e Youkoso – 6

Monday, August 14, 2017

I have finally caught up with everyone else watching this anime. Now I can pump these posts out once every week instead of what I've been doing the past few days. Really good episode, and it looks like the tournament arc starts next week - super excited for what's to come.

I swear to God, Gaju is going to work on my last good nerve, I feel like I'm the only one that gives him the glare whenever he pops up in front of my screen. He's an ass, and it totally shows in this epsiode. We start with a banter between Gaju and Tatara going at it over competing in the Tenpei Cup, which is a cup Tatara/ Mako and Gaju/ Shizuku are entering. Gaju calls Tatara's hair a broom, and Tatara spars back saying his hair looks like a toilet brush and he shouldn't have ditched his sister for Shizuku, to pair up with Shizuku. I was ok Tatara grow that backbone, stand your ground! Stand up to that man with that mouldy shower rug he calls hair on his head. I'm still waiting out on knowing what Shizuku's thought process was when she decided to pair up with Gaju, I'm anticipating her to say it was out of spite.

We learn that on the dance floor there's this directional "flow" that everyone follows, Sengoku takes Tatara and Mako to this public dance studio where Tatara learns how to flow on the floor when there are other dancers. It's weird that the guy can learn complex moves instantly but can't seem to avoid knocking into others while dancing.. It's the same scene where Tatara and Mako are practicing their quickstep routine Sengoku created for them, a routine that will be used in the Tenpei cup. I wonder how far Tatara can take his abilities of learning dance quickly too, cause it's always shocking to the pros when he's able to learn complex moves in a short amount of time. Speaking of time, Tatara has the least amount of experience compared to everyone else, I'm not expecting him to win the Tenpei cup, but I want to see that same magic he brought when he did the waltz with Shizuku. I'm sure Gaju will be shocked next episode when he sees Tatara and Mako thriving.

My favourite part of this episode was the phone conversation between Mako and Tatara; it was like seeing to broken birds helping each other out. It was good to see someone telling Tatara that he doesn't need to put all of the pressure/ focus on others and forget about himself, there are other people there to assist him. I really want to see these two go far, and build each other up.

Tatara's backbone is slowly growing long and strong, as seen in this episode. I hope he does more to prevent himself from being walked all over. Before I finish, the good thing about Gaju, or the unknown redeeming quality about him I'll say is that he's bringing the best out of Tatara, which good rivals are suppose to do. Again, I'm excited for the next episode which is the Tenpei cup!

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