Ballroom e Youkoso – 7

Monday, August 21, 2017

This weeks episode... not as strong as the ones that we've already seen but still decent. It was just too much Gaju (I'm not a Gaju fanatic), and the dances weren't as exciting as I thought they might have been. But there were moments that had me beaming with joy. So let's discuss...

So we're at the Tenpei cup, and the episode was basically one heat after the other; hence why I said this episode wasn't that exciting. It was Tatara's first competition as a dancer, and he did a decent job of what was expected of him, which was just barely being able to avoid a cut with each heat. I found it informative at the beginning when Sengoku was explaining how the Tenpei cup worked, and how people got eliminated. I'm sure the majority of people who watch Ballroom aren't as informative in dance so informing the viewers how this cup worked was refreshing to see, which is something this anime has been lacking in terms of explaining concepts in dance.

One of the highlights of the episode was during the heat with Gaju/ Shizuku, and Tatara/ Mako when the pairings physically clashed on the floor and Tatara sent Gaju flying to Pluto. Was anyonelse so happy to see this 😂? Because I was. My God, Gaju was being the biggest asshole at the beginning of this episode, and the fact that he got pushed out of the dance floor was so satisfying to see!

Which is why I was dying when I saw Mako slapping Gaju's soul out of his body during the aftermath of Gaju falling out like a bowling pin. Mako's getting more confident, and finally standing her ground against her brother! Event Tatara was standing up to Gaju when it came to Mako. Mako and Tatara are perfect for each other in terms of character development. So rewarding to see Mako and Tatara bounce off each other and becoming stronger individuals.

I'm already exhausted by Gaju and it's only been what? Three episodes? And we still have a long way to go... I was so happy to see Hyoudou (who I like) in this episode, even though it was for a minute, it looks like he's making a come back in some sort of capacity next episode. I wonder how Hyoudou is going to play out when he sees Gaju and Shizuku together. I'm looking forward to the next episode with more Hyoudou!

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