Ballroom e Youkoso – 10

Monday, September 11, 2017

Caught a cold this week so I'm feeling under the weather, this happens every year around this time... I'm almost certain that I'm cursed... haha. Not much to talk about for this week's episode of Ballroom, so it's a short writeup this week. The episode was underwhelming after coming off the heels of a very colourful Mako episode from last week.

Was the quality of this episode all over the place or was it just me? The facial expressions were off, the animation of the dances (or lack there of) were choppy, and the flashbacks to their childhood memories were way too short. Just so many things that could have been presented in this episode, weren't.

The facial expressions, Sengoku evidently, were so mushed, overdone, and weird. The animation was just all over the place, the unusual pans to the audience, the robotic dancing during Gaju and Shizuku's solo. The production value of this episode fell flat compared to what was given in episode nine. I didn't like how the audience and the dancers on the floor shared equal camera time, the people who are dancing should get more time on our screens.

Last week we saw Mako and Tatara's amazing waltz, versus this week Gaju and Shizuku's solo waltz felt uninspiring. If you take into consideration that Mako's dancing with someone that has the least amount of experience but both of them were able to deliver a convincing performance against Shizuku and Gaju, it doesn't feel fulfilling as someone who's watching the anime to see Gaju and Shizuku did worse in the solos.

Some of the better moments from this episode were the flashback scenes to their childhoods. It was nice to know that Gaju at some point in time was moderately tolerable. But besides that, learning what relationship Gaju and Mako had with dance was a good gap that was filled in because to many, wondering why characters are invested in an activity, such as dance, is important. So it seems that Gaju and Mako, always were keen on ballroom dancing when they were younger. I was a tad bit salty that we didn't learn why Shizuku and Hyoudou were invested in ballroom dancing. Hopefully that gap could be filled in future episodes. It would suck to find out that Shizuku's still ballroom dancing becuase Hyoudou looks at her as a rival.

That's all I can wrote for this episode, again not much happened. Production I.G could have expanded on the childhood scenes. As for me, I'll be drowning myself in some vitamin C, and zinc from oranges, and dark chocolate to power up my immune system to fend off this cold!

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