Ballroom e Youkoso – 12

Friday, September 29, 2017

Loved how this week's episode of Ballroom was like a "reset" episode from the competition arcs prior to this one. The focus on Tatara's high school life, and his plans for the future in terms of dance was a much needed breather from the Tenpei Cup, the Mikasa Cup, and any serious dancing. And much to my surprise.. Gaju was likeable in this episode?

The first half of the episode was really good, again I personally needed a breather from all the that “dancing” and wanted to see another side to everyone - which was what I got. So we open with Tatara getting the short end of the stick on his first day of high school. Insulted by Chinatsu (who is the new girl in the anime), and picked on by the bullies. Typical Tatara right? Given what we have seen from Tatara, not surprising that he would be taken advantage of by others. It's odd since he's able to stand his ground against Gaju, who seems like the worst, but can’t fend for himself in high school.

Speaking of Gaju, he was also in this episode, he’s schoolmates with Tatara now. How Gaju was presented was a breath of fresh air, since I wanted to see another layer to him than the ass we are accustomed to. I particularly enjoyed it when Gaju surprising came to the rescue when Tatara was being bullied, and him being... kind to Tatara all though the episode. As each scene between Tatara and Gaju unfolded, I started to enjoy scenes with Gaju more. By the end I was like, “there’s no way I could be enjoying that devil right now!” Gaju's becoming likeable, or at least becoming likeable to me...What's going on here? lol.

There's an attraction to Gaju when he’s off the dance floor; I guess he turns on that unlikeable side of him when it comes to ballroom dancing. It would be nice to see a more softer side of him from now on, and not so much of that edgy exterior we are accustomed to. I'm still in shock that I enjoyed the scenes Gaju was in this episode, he's secretly stanning for Tatara 👀.

Then we get the scene with Tatara and Shizuku, and how Shizuku and Hyoudou called of their plans, for a year, to leave for an international dance pathway to wait for Tatara again at the next Misaka Cup. They've made it so obvious in the new OP and ED that Chinatsu will be Tatara's next dance partner. Would have liked an element of surprise, even if it's obvious that Chinatsu and Tatara will be dance partners.

The rest of the episode was a bunch of nothing, besides the introduction of Sengoku's dance partner, Hongou. My eyes suddenly pierced wide open after the first heat that was shown. I mean like LOL damn Sengoku, going all street fighter on Hongou? It's like that with your partner 😂? Their dynamic is so... odd. Hongou's like the female version of Sengoku, maybe that's why they are great as partners.

The preview's for episode 13 look good. Can't wait to see the next episode, I am ready to see what Chinatsu brings to the table.

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