Ballroom e Youkoso – 16

Sunday, October 22, 2017

It's getting down to the wire and we only have eight more episode left! The camp arc is in full swing, and we finally see Chinatsu meeting everyone that's been introduced up to this point in the anime, and to everyone's surprise Chinatsu and Tatara did quite well in the Grand Prix.

I was a bit worried when Akira was also competing at the Grand Prix along side with Chinatsu. Akira tends to pullout the female alpha in Chinatsu whenever Akira's in her presence, which could prevent Chinatsu from following properly since she's more used to taking the reigns in a partnership. I was not ready to see Tatara following the follower like in this last competition. But from the looks of it, without looking at the final scoring, Tatara and Chinatsu looked like they did pretty well despite the fact that Marisa said people who are B class and above should only enter this competition. It really shows that under Marisa's teaching, Tatara has become a better dancer, since they were able to survive the first few heats. From the looks of it, since they did well in the Grand Prix, Chinatsu and Tatara might be B ranked even though they're D ranked. I'm enjoying how the two of them are growing as a dance couple, from the first time they were dancing at Sengoku's studio.

Karuizawa's the next stop in the camp arc, after Marisa verbally jousted Tatara and Chinatsu for entering the Grand Prix behind her back. And FINALLY, we see all six of our favourites together under one roof (Chinatsu, Tatara, Gaju, Mako, Kioharu, and Shizuku). I was slightly giddy over Mako, and Shizuku interacting with Chinatsu - I couldn't tame my inner Ballroom fan. The Tokyo Metropolitan Dance Sport Tournament is the next competition Chinatsu and Tatara will have to win first place, and Marisa will let them enter the Misaka Cup. I died laughing when Kugimiya said he was also going to enter that competition, and Tatara snapped back at Marisa saying "let me get second place!" Come on now Tatara, have more faith in yourself! You can totally crush that mouldy string bean.

And soo shady of Gaju and Shizuku saying that Tatara and Chinatsu probably won't win The Tokyo Metropolitan Dance Sport Tournament since Kugimiya is also in that competition. I mean like damn Shizuku, I'd expect Gaju to say that but you also cosigned.. girl have more faith in your boy. Tatara and Chinatsu are having trouble getting their variations down that Marisa created for them, and the stress levels go up, and Chinatsu ends up blowing up on him in front of everyone. Awkward scene.. I felt like that should have been a private moment between the two, but everyone ended up witnessing it. Chinatsu sort of reminds me of Gaju with her temper, somehow Gaju has tamed his; but it's understandable why Chinatsu is having a hard time since Tatara's getting the variations down, and she's having trouble catching up.

I need these two to patch things up by the next episode, I couldn't take the last two minutes of bickering between these two! And hopefully we'll get two or three more episodes in Karuizawa, just for the purposes of character development between Chinatsu and Tatara, and the potential of of Kiyoharu interacting with Chinatsu since the two haven't spoken yet! I'm not 100% ready for them to jump into the Tokyo competition yet, since they just got done with the Grand Prix.

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