Ballroom e Youkoso – 18

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Late with this upload, again, but this one's not going to be too too long (hopefully). We're in the last arc of the anime, the Tokyo Metropolitan Dance Sport Tournament. Not much happened, just a bunch of uninspiring dancing, and getting through the first few legs of the tournament.

Into the last arc, I'm feeling a bit said that we only have six episodes left, but what can you do? The first few heats into the tournament were okay. Nothing too important to note here other than Tatara and Chinatsu were able to nab a perfect score, which is an impressive feat since they're D-ranked and most of the competitors in this tournament are B-ranked or higher. Although the anime doesn't go in detail into Tatara and Chinatsu's training, which I don't really want to see anyways, you can tell that they've improved under Marisa's guidance, and the two have stepped it up from the first competition that they did together, which was a hot mess. Even Akira was shaken that Tatara was able to somewhat firm grasp onto Chinatsu and her overpowering dominance, in the short amount of time they've spent together.

I enjoyed that Chinatsu's family came out to support her and Tatara, wasn't it sweet to see Chinatsu somewhat embarrassed that her family was there? I like seeing the more vulnerable/ softer side to her than that hardcore exterior shell she's used to flagging around. Throughout the anime until now, the part about Tatara that bothered me about was him not being able to open much about his love for dancing/ the amount of time he pummels into the activity to his family. His true colours showed this episode when he didn't even invite his parents to watch him in this big competition! I know his parents are divorced and what not, but.. no mention to either of your parents about your passion for ballroom dancing? I'm glad that Chinatsu called him a coward on this subject; it's a character flaw that I would like to see fixed. 

I do hope that somewhere in these last six episode that someone from Tatara's family comes out and supports him in this tournament, since I'm sure this arc will run until the last episode. Wouldn't it be cool if Sengoku randomly showed up with Tatara's parents and be like, "SUPRISE! I came to support you, and brought your parents along!" It's just a wild guess, I haven't read the manga nor went about to look for spoilers, and have no clue if this is true. But this would be something that weasel Sengoku would do; and it would be nice to see.. LOL. Something to that effect must happen!

On the aesthetics, we've seen the two key visuals for the first and second cours, and finally we get to see Chinatsu's rosy red dress this epiosde. She looked great, and I love how production I.G brought it to life. I have seen the cover for volume eight, which looks gorgeous, and the rosy dress looks pretty nice in the anime when you compare it to the manga's original rendition.

Last six episodes, a bit sad that it's about to end. Next episode looks like we're going to get to know more about Akira and Chinatsu - and I'm all here for that!

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