Ballroom e Youkoso – 21 // OST Released

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Very late upload with this post, in the midst of exam chaos so I thought I'd take a break and pen my thoughts down on episode 21. I wanted to like this episode, I really did. But I was not feeling that fervor I had the for this episode like I did for the last 20.

It was just an uninspiring episode for me. I've seen the reaction to this particular episode online, and certainly I do not feel the glee that the internet shares. The whole episode was pretty much Tatara finding his footing, and where he stands as a lead in his partnership with Chinatsu. His non-directional lead causing Chinatsu to lead for a second was the most exciting part of the episode for me, lol. I kind of wanted to see Chinatsu lead for longer.. just to make things interesting.

For the character development analysts out there, this episode might be red meat for you guys since it focused on Chinatsu and Tatara evolving as a union. The whole door scenes were symbolic in a sense that Chinatsu's always been the one riding shotgun. And Tatara STILL can't seem to find his way to properly lead around Chinatsu. Boy get it together! Well it seems like they're going to get it together by the looks of Hyoudou's excitement, that door scene where Tatara and Chinatsu cracked it open, and those few moments we saw Chinatsu and Tatara syncing. All of this anticipation, is surely to lead us to that bang we've all been dying to see from these two. It's obvious that they're going to be in the finals against Kugimiya, so we better see some sensational dancing from Tatara and Chinatsu in the finals.

And just for your information, the Ballroom e Youkoso original soundtrack has dropped today! Go grab it if you can and listen to this wonderful piece of work. I've been listening to the discs so far, and Yuki Hayashi's magic is honestly shining, he might as well be my favourite composer in the anime industry. My tweet below on my favourite tracks:

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