Top 10 Stardust Crusaders / Diamond is Unbreakable Stands

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Part five is just around the corner so I felt the inspired to write something fun before the Giorno takes over the world! Just a personal note before we start.. I have not been in the right mental space for the past couple of months, hence the lack of activity here. Finishing school at the beginning of the year, then travelling the world for a few weeks after, coming back home to transition into the "work force," missing out on life changing opportunities from not checking my emails, and dealing with a lot of other young-adult preoccupations was more intense mentally than I thought it would be. But I'm in a much better head space now after sorting things out, and surprisingly very much thankful for finding a way to navigate those rough waters; it's experiences like these that make us all more resilient and I'm appreciative for that.

Vento Aureo is not too far away so I thought I would list a couple of my favourite stands just from part three and part four. Not saying these are the best of the bests out of Araki's creations, but they are my personal favourites, which could deviate from your own personal tastes. 

10. Killer Queen

Found Killer Queen's user to be a offsetting, but the stand itself it pretty cool on it's own. I mean turning anything into a bomb is quite a overpowered skill to have when compared to the other stands introduced up to Diamond is Unbreakable. Killer Queen's abilities did make the final arc that much more enticing to watch when it went up against Crazy Diamond.

9. Bastet

Not going to lie, I literally screamed when I first saw this episode. I wasn't expecting much from a magnetism stand because a magnetism quirk is not really my thing. But I was dying over the mess Joseph and Avdol were in thanks to Bastet.

8. Pearl Jam

I am a food connoisseur so naturally Pearl Jam has to be on this list. Eating food to cure any ailments you have would be awesome to have, especially in today's world. Do not worry if it is not obvious, I am aware that you are what you eat, the cleaner you eat the better! Just a clarification for those who can't read in between the lines ;)

7. Death Thirteen

A silent killer, Death Thirteen has to be karma in disguise. Tormenting you in a nightmare, and you feeling the effects immediately in real life. I can only wish this guy comes for anyone who has ever tested my patience or anyone who has ever come for me sideways (insert kermit sipping tea meme).

6. Echoes Act Two

Was not a big fan of either Act One or Three. Act One was very limited and did not do much for Kouichi. Act Three was also, I feel, limited and a downgrade from Act Two since it's abilities can only be activated in close proximity to it's target. I was really impressed with Act Two since it stood out from other the usual superpower archetypes out there. Act Two could have lasted longer from what I envisioned for it's potential - but then again I'm not Araki. The second version of Echoes is not by any means a one-on-one combative stand, but it's abilities could have faired pretty well on it's own I think.

5. Harvest

Life would be so much easier with a Harvest, would it not? I mean who wouldn't want a collection of stands that scatters out to find items of interest to be brought back to you? Seems like the ultimate dream to have a stand like this who can go gather meticulous items for you. I jest, but it's perfect for low energy individuals like myself.

4. Heaven's Door

Rohan was one of those characters that slowly grew on me over the course of Diamond is Unbreakable. Kouichi's one of my favourite characters and Rohan going after him was not the best way to introduce him. His stand however, Heaven's Door, is hands down the strongest stand in JJBA. Having the ability to find every detail about you, then have the capability to rewire an individual to change their memories, and having the power reroute someone's actions makes Heaven's Door entering the overpowered tier. It's one of my top stands because everyone knows a stand like this is perfect for people like me who are a mess and likes to be nosey.

3. Horus

Petshop versus Iggy was one of the best fights in JJBA. There nothing unique about a ice-type stand, but my goodness seeing Horus in action against The Fool was a sight to see. The fight was epic, riveting, exciting, and full of surprises - everything we need from a good fight scene. Horus is only in my top three stands since that fight with Iggy is literally burned into my memory. 

2. Crazy Diamond

Short and simple; the power to heal, fix and mend the broken are things we all want, which is why I love Crazy Diamond. It's introduction made me think that Crazy Diamond was mainly a supportive stand, but to my surprise Araki took Crazy Diamond's abilities to lengths I could not even imagine based on it's introduction.

1. Star Platinum

And my favourite stand is.. Star Platinum! I didn't become a hardcore JJBA fan until Stardust Crusaders, and mostly because of Star Platinum that I really fell in love with JJBA. It's the token stand, and the face of JJBA. It's one vs one capabilities along with it's ability to stop time, and it's strength to be resilient against "enemy" stands, ushers Star Platinum as my favourite stand from JJBA.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this, I didn't want to get overly analytical so my apologies if I didn't go in depth. I've already read part five, it's for sure one of the best Jojo parts, and the most creative from Araki's colourful fantasyland. We're all obviously excited for Vento Aureo to start (October 6) so cheers to the most unique stands, exciting storylines, and more Jojo memes! Feel free to share your favourite stands in the comments below.

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