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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Hello, long time no see. Was inspired by a colleage on LinkedIn who recently blogged about his new life in Dubai. I liked his writing style so I will try to keep this short and brief. 

I ran the most recent U149 token event in deresute. Last time I did this was exactly two years ago during とんでいっちゃいたいの, after that event I said I would never event run again. Well, that is not the case. I have been waiting for a Driving My Way token event and I was hoping this month would be the time the game implements the song, but it did not happen.

There is a x2 fan campaign going on, I had some final fan gain goals I wanted to complete, so this was a good time to play. The event was unique since it is related to the new U149 anime that is airing right now. Last time IM@SCG had a major anime was back in 2015, I was not into the franchise at that time so I do no know enough IM@S lore to remember if there was an in game event for the 2015 anime. Regardless U149 anime in game event, with 2x fan gain was enough for me to play.

I am a bit older now and have more responsibilities, so there were things I was not going to compromise and that was 8 hours of sleep, work, obligations, or spending time with family and friends. My goal was to just finish in top 100, which is very doable if you work from home - which I do. But I am not crazy enough to finish in top 20, there are things you have to compromise for upper ranks and I was interested in doing that.

Token event running is very simple, you play 2x grand, replenish your stamina when needed, build up event currency, and when you have a healthy bank of tokens you play the event song at 8x multiplication. This process is an infinite loop until the event ends.

During the U149 event the Suzume movie premiered so I made plans with some friends to watch the movie on the Saturday, so no time dedicated to the event for that evening. I am a fan of Makoto Shinkai so going to see this movie was a must, and the movie is fantastic. So I am glad I got the chance to view the film in cinemas with good company.

I also had to meet up with my coworkers this past Thursday while the event was happening, so I was not able to play the game for almost a full work day. I was fine with that because I got to see my coworkers in person for the first time because we all work remotely, and I had some time to do some shopping afterwards. I finally bought something from October's Very Own, it is a brand that is very familiar with younger Toronto residents.

I had the ideal team for scoring, but the full activation rate of this team is 28%. I have zero skills playing with concentration, so I focused on fan gain after I got 1 full combo with the ideal team on master+ difficulty.

Here is my grand auto setup, it is pretty standard and there are many variants you can find on Twitter:

Some statistics that I kept track of (I should have done better with this since I like working with data):

  • About 25k jewels consumed for the run 
  • 32 levels gained (632 → 664)
  • +2.5億 fans gained
  • 116 plays on master, 235 plays on m+ 
  • A lot of plays on grand M@GIC, forgot to keep track of this one from the start unfortunately 
  • Got all voiced idols to 10 million fans (for now) 
  • Got all the SSR slide acts I own to 10 million fans

I finished the event in top 100 at rank 66. I am satisfied with the results. Glad that the event is over, there were some friends who played too that also finished in top 100, so congratulations to Wesley and co. It was nice to reconnect with the game via this event since I have not really played intensely the past 2 years, now I put this game back to sleep, and it is back to anime.

All the best.. 💛

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