Hello and welcome to my blog, a creative outlet to voice my thoughts into text for myself and others if interested.

I got into anime during junior year of high school when I decided to watch a very popular anime known as Death Note. I remember vividly binge watching that stuff, and after completing it I wanted to watch more. If you would like to see some of the anime I have watched so far here is my anilist

A bit about myself: I am Chinese, currently reside in Canada, work in IT, and play video games. I also enjoy photography, I want to capture moments in life that would otherwise be lost in time. I shoot with a canon T3i with a standard lens (EF-S 18-55mm f3.5/-5.6 IS). Although quite expensive, I also do polaroid photography; I shoot with the Instax Mini 90 and the Instax WIDE 300. I love to travel and have a bad habit of shooting images of anything interesting with my iPhone.

Thanks for reading a bit about myself. If you would like to connect I am a direct message away on Instagram, you can @ me on Twitter @animedecoy, or you can shoot me an email at animedecoy@gmail.com.


Hello. My name is Victor and welcome to my anime blog where I share my thoughts and opinions on the different anime I watch. Enjoy your stay here and let's talk anime!


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