Although I enjoy helping others with anime recommendations and engaging in discussions related to anime, I am by no means a professional in the field of anime. If you do not agree with my opinions or if you follow any of my recommendations and they do not turn out the way that you expected, the best thing I can do for you is provide emotional support. If your looking for expert advice on anime, I would suggest speaking with someone from the anime industry, these people tend to have more knowledge on anime than I do.

This blog is a recreational blog showcasing MY views on anime and is an outlet for me to express my thoughts for others to read. I am not an expert of the anime industry nor do I claim to be. Although all the facts that I write on this blog are researched prior to publishing, I cannot guarantee that they are always 100% accurate. For example if I state that an anime is released on a said date but the producers later changes the release dates without my knowledge, I cannot be held responsible. I suggest turning to credible sources that provide constant updated accurate information pertaining to release dates, character information, and credits on specific anime. This blog is just to voice my opinions on anime; rarely will facts be stated and if they are a reliable source will be credited.

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Hi, my name is Victor and welcome to my blog where I like to share my thoughts on anime, my adventures and anything else that comes along my way. Enjoy your stay here!

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